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13 Oct 2021
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Daily hacks: How to ensure food in your fridge lasts longer

Lerato Maimela

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Spring and summer have quite the effect on food and how quickly it can spoil due to the heat.

Fruits and vegetables – which do not usually need to be stored in the fridge – tend to rot at a much faster rate than they would in the seasons of autumn and winter.

Storing certain foods in your fridge in specific ways can ensure that your food lasts a little longer and is kept sealed and fresh until the next time you decide to consume it.

The paper towel trick

The paper towel trick works best with certain vegetables and herbs to keep them fresh for longer.

The Taste Great Foodie TikTok page shared a video on how to preserve your fresh herbs in the fridge using a paper towel.

In the video, they separate a single sheet of a paper towel and then put some herbs in the open pocket of the paper towel.

They then roll the herbs in a few other paper towel sheets which are still connected to the single sheet, which they used to store the herbs in.

After that, they put the rolled paper towel with the fresh herbs into a zip-lock bag, which they then store in the fridge.

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Plastic wrap hack

The official All Recipes TikTok page shared an effective way to cover and store food in the fridge.

In the video, they wrap a bowl of diced watermelon with cling wrap.

Once the bowl has been wrapped and covered, they then push down on the cling wrap to release any air which may be trapped inside the bowl.

Once they stop pressing down, and the air is release, the cling wrap will immediately form a tight seal around the bowl, which will ensure that no air can enter the bowl.

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The water trick

This last hack works best for vegetables which have already been sliced and diced and need to be stored for a few more weeks before being consumed.

Tiffany shared a video on TikTok showing how she stored her carrots and celery, which she had already sliced and prepared to be eaten.

In the video, she puts her sliced carrots and celery in two different jars, and then adds water in both jars and fills them up halfway.

The water in the jars keep the vegetables fresh and can be stored in the fridge in their separate jars for up to three weeks.

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