TV star Caro Alberts shares 5 recipes for this festive season

Curious about what to prepare during the festive season? No need to fret, as Chef Caro Alberts shares her top five dishes for you to give a go.

Chef, Food Stylist, and Food Writer Caro Alberts presents five of her preferred recipes, inviting you to experiment with them during the festive season, ensuring your home becomes the preferred destination for family and friends throughout the holidays.

Caro gained popularity through her SABC 2 cooking show, Koskaskenades. This show revolves around a culinary lifestyle adventure, documenting Caro’s escapades as she navigates the kitchens of ordinary South Africans, catering to their special events.

Culinary background and expertise

The first episode of Koskaskenades aired on 6 December, 2017. Since then, Caro has been taking her viewers on an exciting cooking journey, including inspiring them to take out their own creative side when it comes to playing with food.

In an interview with The Citizen regarding her culinary experience, Caro discusses her proficiency in the art of cooking.

“I have been a qualified chef for 15 years now and I qualified through Steyns Culinary School in Pretoria. 

“I started food styling 12 years ago and have been privileged to work with the best in the industry,” explained Chef Caro. 

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Caro Alberts five recipes for the festive season

With the holiday season here, you might be thinking about how to keep your guests entertained and what delicious food to serve.

Don’t worry, Chef Caro is here to help you avoid the stress of deciding what to cook.

In an interview with The Citizen, Caro shared five of her favourite recipes along with the reasons why she recommends them.

1. Steak with butter candle

Chef Caro Alberts holding a plate of Steak with butter candle. Picture: Supplied
Chef Caro Alberts holding a plate of Steak with butter candle. Picture: Supplied

“I recommend making a fun butter candle with your favourite steak, just because it’s always fun to learn something new and this will really impress people,” said Chef Caro.

2. Chilli popper beer bread

Chef Caro's Chilli popper beer bread. Picture: Supplied
Chef Caro’s Chilli popper beer bread. Picture: Supplied

Chef Caro suggests that South Africans give the Chilli popper beer bread recipe a try as part of their meal lineup.

“I highly recommend this chilli popper beer bread because it’s a real crowd pleaser,” said Chef Caro.

3. Sweet and sour pork

Chef Caro's Sweet and sour pork. Picture: Supplied
Chef Caro’s Sweet and sour pork. Picture: Supplied

Chef Caro also suggests trying out this sweet and sour pork dish, so it’s not to be missed.

“I suggest this recipe because I find that I have more time to experiment with fun flavours over the festive season and sweet and sour pork hits the spot everytime,” stated Chef Caro.

4. Gulab Jamun

Chef Caro's Gulab Jamun. Picture: Supplied
Chef Caro’s Gulab Jamun. Picture: Supplied

Including an Indian touch, Chef Caro doesn’t overlook this dish among her highly recommended ones.

“People can also try something from a different culture like gulab jamun which is a small deep fried, syrup soaked delicacy from India,” said Chef Caro.

5. One pot spaghetti

Chef Caro's One pot spaghetti. Picture: Supplied
Chef Caro’s One pot spaghetti. Picture: Supplied

Finally, among her favourite recipes worth trying, Chef Caro suggests her One-pot spaghetti dish. This one is perfect for those lazy nights that can catch up with just about anyone.

“This One pot spaghetti is specially for those real lazy nights. Everything just goes together in one pot and you have a winner,” concluded Chef Caro.

To explore additional recipes by Chef Caro for various occasions, you can check out her creations on Instagram @Caroalberts and on Facebook @Koskaskenades.

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