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By Cheryl Kahla

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WATCH: Twitter employee protest – Musk labelled ‘apartheid profiteer, space Karen’

The words 'space Karen, mediocre manchild, petulant pimple and supreme parasite' were splashed across the building on Friday.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk demanded his dwindling workforce of Twitter employees to work longer hours.

Following Musk’s ultimatum, the company’s head office is reportedly closed until Monday.

Elon Musk’s Twitter saga continues

Musk’s recent memo to employees in which he demanded longer hours “to make Twitter hardcore” culminated in even more resignations.

Meanwhile, insults aimed at Musk have been projected on the company HQ in San Francisco, United States.

The projected banner has a string of creative insults, including dictator’s asskisser, lawless oligarch, insecure coloniser, mediocre manchild, petty racist, and cruel hoarder.

WATCH: Musk insults projected on Twitter HQ

Other choice words include space Karen, pressurised privilege, megalomaniac, worthless billionaire, bankruptcy baby, supreme parasite, petulant pimple and apartheid profiteer.

In another instance, the mystery protester projected an arrow pointing to the Twitter sign, along with the words, “Musk’s hellscape” and “Launching to bankruptcy”.

Projection activism

The hashtag #StopToxicTwitter and the phrase “Elon Musk, STFU!” also graced the side of Twitter’s headquarters early Friday morning.

As reported by Gia Vang from NBC Bay Arena, the phrases were being projected from a person across the street who called himself “a projection activist”.

This form of protest delighted eyewitnesses and netizens alike, with one person describing it as “non-destructive, techie graffiti”.

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Mass Twitter exodus

The hashtags #GoodbyeTwitter and #RIPTwitter began trending on Friday morning, as former employees announced their departure on social media.

Those who decided to leave were told they would receive a severance package of at least three months’ pay.

The employees who plan to stay do not know what the future holds or how Musk would compensate them for working longer hours.

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