Alice Spenser-Higgs
3 minute read
16 Aug 2020
10:26 am

Grow your own lavender to relieve stress naturally

Alice Spenser-Higgs

The fragrant foliage can be used all year round and it is popular for making potpourri as a natural home perfume.

Lavender. Picture: Pixabay

Lavender is an outdoor plant, but it can be grown indoors to make the most of its flowers and fragrant foliage. This is particularly true of Lavandula stoechas, which is a spring-flowering lavender that produces the most beautiful of all lavender flowers. The bracts on top of each bloom resemble bunny ears or the open wings of a butterfly and a single bush throws up a myriad of flower spikes. What better way to enjoy it than right under your nose? Rubbing its leaves as you walk past releases the calming lavender fragrance. It is a natural stress reliever. Grown...