Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
4 minute read
13 Sep 2021
10:56 am

Nine budget-friendly trends to freshen up your bedroom this spring

Renate Engelbrecht

The time has come to pack away the heavy blankets and embrace spring and all its facets with various budget-friendly bedroom colours, styles and designs.

Spring trends for a budget-friendly bedroom. Picture: Supplied

The past year and a half has had a dampening effect in many a home, which is why there is so much more reason for you to treat yourself to a bedroom update coinciding with spring. In fact, it might even qualify as a form of self-care.

Bring the outdoors inside

Being locked down for so long has brought a new appreciation for the outdoors for many, which is why it is natural that bringing the outdoors inside would be one of the easy-to-do, budget-friendly bedroom trends.

Depending on how much you are prepared to spend, even just an indoor plant could make a difference to your dull winter bedroom. Spring is a celebration of nature, after all and brings with it the opportunity to bring in some floral patterns and botanical prints.

Naturally budget-friendly

Speaking of nature, another trend for spring bedrooms is to keep things natural with cotton bedding. Natural fibres like cotton are breathable, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Make the switch this spring and invest in Egyptian cotton with 600 thread count, which is extra soft and lasts twice as long (making it a budget-friendly buy in the long run).

Quilted comfort

The global pandemic’s uncertainty has resulted in people searching for the comfort of the familiar. The nostalgia that quilts bring, is something many find comforting and therefore a good quality quilt would be a brilliant investment for your bedroom this Spring. Volpes’ range is rather extensive with quilt sets in both patterns and plains.

budget-friendly quilt
Nostalgia with quilts. Picture: Supplied

Pops of colour

Many people would opt for a complete bedroom makeover if they could, but as budgets are tight due to various reasons this year, finding alternative ways to add some colour to your bedroom might be the wise thing to do.

Keep your bedroom neutral by using different shades of grey, for instance, and add pops of colour with scatter cushions, throws or even a colourful duvet set.

Both colour and patterns are trending globally, affecting our moods. Adding calming pastels like duck-egg blues, aquas, soft greens, greys and naturals to your budget-friendly bedroom will establish that soothing atmosphere you’re after. 

Duck-egg blues
Duck-egg blues for your spring-inspired bedroom. Picture: Supplied

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The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi – embracing beauty in imperfection – has become more and more relevant globally, with a lot of emphasis on authenticity. If you are a minimalist or have a contemporary, casual style, natural washed cotton bed linen will fit into your bedroom perfectly.

Washed cotton
Washed cotton for your wabi-sabi bedroom. Picture: Supplied

Budget-friendly simplicity

If you’re keen on simplifying your bedroom, aspiring to create a Zen space or being inspired by the Danish Hygge concept, you are perfectly on trend this year. Zen bedrooms are all about decluttering and finding balance in a space coupled with neutral colours, natural light and clever organisation.

Pantone perfect

This year’s pantone colours of the year include “illuminating yellow” and “ultimate grey” – a perfect combination that brings a strong, optimistic vibe into a room. Yellow is ultimately a happy colour – something many of us can use a whole lot more of at this stage. So, don’t be afraid to bring in an illuminating yellow into your budget-friendly, neutral bedroom – even if it’s through a lamp, a book or a pillow.

Pantone colours
Pantone colours for spring. Picture: Supplied

Cleverly scattered

Nothing adds a touch of luxury to a room like a couple of lux-looking scatter cushions. The bonus is it doesn’t even have to be expensive, with various interior and lifestyle shops selling surprisingly affordable scatter cushions or even just the covers. This is also something that can easily be replaced or swopped around with scatters from another room come next spring.

Budget-friendly floating shelves

As we’ve all been spending a lot of time in and around our homes the past year and a half, we’ve had ample opportunity to see what we have in our homes and what we might need (or what we might not need anymore). It often so happens we spot something special that has been hiding behind a book on a shelf which we would like to put on display. That’s where floating shelves – or rather, Zoom backgrounds – come in.

Adding a shelf to your bedroom will allow you to put unique and special artefacts and images on display while simultaneously also boasting the perfect background for your next Zoom meeting. Builders Warehouse has lovely floating shelves ideal for this purpose and they are well priced considering budget-friendly bedrooms.

As your bedroom should be your happy place and your safe haven, investing in a few Spring-inspired changes might just do the trick in lifting the spirits.