Lerato Maimela
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28 Dec 2021
1:31 pm

Daily hacks: DIY confetti poppers for your New Year’s Eve celebrations

Lerato Maimela

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Celebrating New Years Eve with homemade confetti poppers. Picture: iStock

Party decorations are usually super costly, and with all the other expenses that go into hosting your own celebrations, it would be a good idea to try and create your own decorations.

With New Year’s Eve approaching, these homemade super easy confetti hacks will wow your party guests and be sure to save you some money in the bank.

Homemade confetti poppers

The Awesome ZT TikTok page has shared their cool hack on how they create homemade confetti poppers using simple tools and accessories which can usually be found in your home.

They start off by cutting the top part of a balloon before using the balloon to cover one side of an empty toilet paper roll.

Double-sided tape is then used to stick the balloon to the toilet paper roll, before they wrap the toilet paper roll with wrapping paper.

They then tie the bottom part of the balloon to ensure that nothing can come out, and then stuff the toilet paper roll and the bottom part of the balloon with confetti.

Once they are done and ready to use the confetti popper, they pull the bottom part of the balloon away from the toilet paper roll before abruptly releasing it, resulting in confetti being thrown out of the homemade popper.

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DIY confetti

The Poppydotco TikTok page has shared her easy hack on how to create your own confetti using affordable colourful paper and shape cutters bought from the local arts and crafts store.

In the video, she starts off by cutting multiple coloured paper into four squares.

She then makes use of her flower-shaped paper cutter to cut out tiny flower shapes from the different coloured papers, before mixing all the cutouts to create a full bowl of confetti.

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Confetti balloons

Using confetti balloons as decorations has been a growing trend, and you can make use of confetti balloons for your New Year’s Eve celebration, and then pop them at midnight for a confetti surprise.

Liz Miller has taken to TikTok to share how to make confetti balloon decorations, and get the confetti to cover the whole balloon inside without using high float for the balloons.

When the video begins, she has already filled clear balloons with colourful confetti and tied them up.

She then rubs the balloons on her clothes to create static and allows the confetti to stick to the inside of the balloon.

Once you are done using the confetti balloons as decorations, pop them to make the celebration more interesting.

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