Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
6 minute read
8 Sep 2021
7:06 am

Jaguar I-Pace more fun, cheaper to run than a petrol car

Mark Jones

Eskom and loadshedding are not proper excuses to detract from an addictive product that is undoubtedly the future.

Changes to the I-Pace for 2021 have been small.

Jaguar updated their I-Pace earlier this year with a new infotainment system, improved driver assistance technologies and quicker charging capabilities. As we had already covered these, the main focus of our recent test drive was centred around the more important real-world stuff. This being performance, charging and the economy of this full electric model. Just like with everything else these days, everybody is an expert courtesy of the various platforms that social media has given them. And it is this self-proclaimed expertise that results in so much misinformation around charging and Eskom-fuelled fearmongering when it comes to operating or owning...