Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
6 minute read
13 Jan 2022
10:41 am

Special one last fly for Ford Ranger Raptor

Charl Bosch

Special Edition keeps the bi-turbodiesel powerunit, but adds a more tasteful, over-the-top suit.

A familiar face draped with a number of special touches.

Amidst all of the new vehicles launched last year, the reveal of the Ford Ranger in the latter stages of November surely rated as one of the biggest and most anticipated. The first completely new Ranger in almost a decade, the expectations of the internally named T6.2 couldn’t have been higher. Twin racing stripes a lot more tasteful than the horrid "fake Raptor" modifications. After all, it’s T6 predecessor broke new grounds from not only a power, comfort and styling perspective, but also become the first vehicle to unsettle the Toyota Hilux at the top of South Africa’s new vehicle...