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‘Junior’ Jeep gets all-paw traction in first teaser of new Avenger 4xe

Unlike in the United States and China, the Avenger's 4xe moniker signifies a unique hybrid configuration instead of a traditional plug-in hybrid.

Unveiled just under two years ago as its smallest and first dedicated electric vehicle, Jeep has released a single teaser image showing the incoming four-wheel-drive variant of the Avenger SUV.

Change to 4xe

A line-up expansion initiated last year with the debut of the mild-hybrid version in select European markets where the uptake of EVs has been slower than in others, the depiction names the new flagship as the Avenger 4xe, although unlike the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in the United States and Chinese-market Grand Commander, the nomenclature doesn’t refer to a plug-in hybrid.

Instead, the Avenger 4xe sports a unique hybrid setup whereby two 21 kW electric motors feature in place of the mild-hybrid’s 48-volt belt-starter generator.

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A configuration that automatically results in an all-paw gripping system, the combined system output wasn’t disclosed, although output for the unspecified combustion engine was mentioned at 100 kW.

Entrusted with sending the amount of twist to all four corners is a six-speed dual-clutch transmission that provides the housing for one of the electric motors.

EV loop

Despite omitting a conventional plug-in hybrid system, the Avenger 4xe will still have an EV setting with Jeep parent company, Stellantis, confirming the inclusion of what it calls a power looping system.

Likely to be detailed thoroughly once the production model debuts, the brand, for now, defines as system as “guaranteeing all-wheel drive traction regardless of the battery charge status”.

As with the size of the combustion engine, likely to possibly be an uprated version of the 1.2-litre three-cylinder PureTech turbo-petrol that produces 74kW/206Nm in the mild-hybrid, no further details relating to range was disclosed.

“The new Jeep Avenger 4xe represents a turning point for the brand. The latest version of our successful model brings together the compactness and versatility of Avenger with the performance of the all-wheel drive system,” Jeep’s European divisional boss, Eric Laforge, said.

South Africa known to want it

Potentially on track to debut in the latter stages of the year as order books will only open by year-end, the Avenger 4xe, as with the EV and mild-hybrid, remains off limits for South Africa in spite of Stellantis South Africa having expressed interest in possibly bringing it to market.

“[South Africa] is one of the countries in the planning, but don’t expect to see it next year,” Stellantis South Africa’s Sales and Marketing Head Brain Smith told The Citizen at the market launch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale two years ago.

Its CMP platform soon to provide the base for the Alfa Romeo Milano and at present, the Fiat 600 and its EV 600e twin, expect more details of the Avenger 4xe to be revealed as the year progresses.

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