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Clubsport returning as Volkswagen teases more of latest Golf GTI

Protentional farewell to the combustion engine Golf will reportedly be the most powerful production GTI ever made.

Teased in a comparatively indistinguishable video published by its CEO Thomas Schäfer last week, Volkswagen has released a series of clearer teaser images depicting the now officially named Golf GTI Clubsport.

Clearer expectation

Penned-in for unveiling next week, 31 April, in preparation for the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring where a racing version will compete, the Clubsport will reportedly also become the most powerful GTI ever made despite official figures not yet being known.

Shown in the same multi-coloured disguise as the standard Mk 8.5 GTI that debuted last year, the Clubsport receives a new front bumper with side air intakes replacing the daytime running lights, a more prominent bootlid spoiler, the LED Plus headlights as standard, and 19-inch Queenstown alloy wheels.

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The able to be swapped for the optional Warmenau forged alloys of the same size Wolfsburg says weigh eight kilograms less per wheel, the Clubsport’s only other confirmed addition is the illuminated grille available as an option on the standard GTI.

Despite no images of the interior being released, the Clubsport will feature a steering wheel different to the Golf 8.5 GTI, and what appears to be sport seats based on the images.

More muscle

Dynamically, the adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control system has been revised to include what Volkswagen calls a “Special” setting it claims matches the Clubsport’s dynamics to aspects of the Green Hell itself.

The setup will, however, be optional, along with a reworked XDS electronic front differential.

Up front, the retention of the 2.0 TSI engine, as mentioned, will come with a noticeable power boost over the 195kW/370Nm made by the normal GTI.

Volkswagen starts teasing Golf GTI Clubsport
Bootlid spoiler is a unique fixture, as is the optional lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels. Image: Volkswagen

As a comparison, the Golf 8 GTI Clubsport developed 221kW/400Nm, suggesting the Mk 8.5 could produce around 230 kW that will continue to go to the front wheels only.

Not trampling, therefore, on the incoming Golf 8.5 R that is rumoured to develop the same 245kW/420Nm as the US-market only limited edition Golf 8 R 333, the Golf 8.5 GTI Clubsport will be solely fitted with the seven-speed DSG as part of Volkswagen’s move away from manual transmissions.

Almost time

The swansong for the combustion engine Golf due to the all-new Mk 9 becoming an EV when it debuts in 2026, expectations are that Volkswagen could release a final batch of teasers before removing all cladding next week.

If proven otherwise, exact details will become apparent in readiness for the event kicking-off the following Saturday (1 June).

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