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Body of four month old found floating in a river

Police are on the scene investigating the circumstances of the baby's death.

The body of a four-month-old baby was found floating in a river in the iSithebe area on Saturday morning.

iSithebe is a small town in Ilembe District Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal, located some two hours driving time north of Durban.

Privately-owned IPSS Medical Rescue Services and South African Police Services responded to reports of a body floating in a river.

“Sadly, on arrival of paramedics, it was discovered the body was that of a four-month-old baby,” said IPSS on their Facebook page.

The baby allegedly went missing the previous evening during load shedding.

According to reports, the family and community went searching for the missing baby throughout the night, but the search proved unsuccessful.

But on Saturday morning, members of the community spotted the body whilst they were walking alongside the river banks.

Police officers are currently on the scene investigating the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death.

baby drowned in river
Picture – IPSS

Many users on social media, reacting to the news, questioned how a four-month-old can go missing without someone being involved.

“A 4 month isn’t going to make their own way to a river…they were put there,” posted Facebook user Adrian Chaning-Pearce.

“Kid was killed..we all know a baby that young can’t just go jump in the river,” added another user Sandile Ngwekazi.

IPSS discovered abandoned newborn at the same river in 2020

Back in 2020, IPSS medical service workers discovered a newborn baby abandoned in the bushes of the Isithebe river.

East Coast Radio reported that newborn was still attached to the placenta uncovered and severely hypothermic.

Medical services personnel was able to stabilise the child on the scene before being transported for urgent care at a nearby hospital.

Hours later, Nyoni police were able to track down a woman who the community suspected to have given birth to the baby. 

She was then taken to the clinic, where it was confirmed that she had given birth a few hours before.

The 27-year-old mother was charged with attempted murder and concealment of birth.

Compiled by Narissa Subramoney

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