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23 Apr 2017
3:32 pm

ANC ‘steals’ reporter’s tweets, forgets to remove her initials

Citizen Reporter

Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula may have to arrest the administrator of his party's Twitter account for theft.

Image: Wikimedia

EWN reporter Ziyanda Ngcobo attended the Siyabakhumbula heroes event at the University of Zululand on Saturday and tweeted what President Jacob Zuma was saying.

However, the reporter was shocked to see that the ANC Twitter account had copied and pasted some of her tweets, only that they forgot to remove her initials.

“So you steal my tweets word for word and forget to remove the ZN part? OOOOOKAAAYYY,” Ngcobo tweeted the account.

When she stopped tweeting from her personal account, @MYANC then went for the ones she tweeted using her work Twitter account, and this time, they didn’t have her initials.

Ngcobo said she was not angry about the plagiarism, but found it hilarious as they copied even her initials. Why the account did not do the easy things and just retweet her is a mystery. To make things even more hilarious, the account went on to take tweets that she had translated from isiZulu into English.

The Twitter account has not responded to the accusations.

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