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24 Apr 2017
2:09 pm

WATCH: Injured man’s main and nyatsi show up at hospital after accident

Citizen Reporter

As the situation escalates, a nurse in the video can be heard shouting that his blood pressure is rising.


This man thought his day could not get any worse after being involved in a car accident, but with his loyal girlfriend right there with him at the hospital to hold his hand, another woman, presumably the ‘other’ woman, showed up.

In a video posted on Instagram, with more than 24 000 views, the one woman says: “I called and asked to come up here,” while the other responds: “He was with me last night.”

As the situation escalates, some suggest that security be called in. The second woman gets removed from the room as the nurse proclaims that his blood pressure is rising.

Watch the video below:

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