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2 Jul 2017
10:04 pm

Did Ndlozi just snatch Tbo Touch’s wife?

Citizen Reporter

Some on Twitter say Ndlozi's actions show the EFF is serious about expropriation without compensation.

Picture: Twitter

Celebrities and politicians, most of them EFF leaders due to the ANC being caught up in its policy conference, rocked up at the Durban July on Saturday, and, by the looks of it, they had fun.

Tbo Touch as usual had his convoy of some of the most expensive rides on the market, and his online radio station, Touch HD, had its own marquee at the event where celebs joined his party.

EFF leaders Julius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, along with Tbo Touch’s wife, Nandi Molefe, were there.

However, it seems some of these people had a little more fun than expected – at least that’s the impression we got from Tbo Touch’s tweet on Sunday.

The businessman posted a picture of his wife having a laugh with the people’s bae and jokingly implied that Ndlozi had taken his wife.

“My wife is gone, look @MbuyiseniNdlozi smile Marquee experience,” wrote Tbo Touch.

The picture has been circulating on social media, with Malema having retweeted it.

Those who saw it said Touch was the one in the wrong for leaving Ndlozi with his wife.

“They don’t call him ‘people’s bae’ for nothing,” they argued.

Some, however, defended Ndlozi, saying that, as charming as he was, he was “harmless”.

These were some of the reactions on Twitter: