Gareth Cotterell
Digital News Editor
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9 Sep 2021
3:47 pm

WATCH: Snake rescuer catches two black mambas in roof of KZN house

Gareth Cotterell

Both snakes were then released in an area away from any houses.

Snake catcher Nick Evans catches one of the black mambas that was between the walls and roof of a house in Inanda, KZN. Picture: Screenshot from video

“Not a nice way to spend your night – black mambas in your house.”

These were the words of snake catcher Nick Evans as he entered a home in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal.

Evans and his wife, Joelle, had been called to rescue the snakes at the end of August.

The two mambas were seen in the space between the tin sheeting roof and the top of the walls.

“Oh, it’s a little one,” said Evans as one of the snakes popped its head out while the snake catcher moved his tongs between the wall and the roof.

Catching it, however, was proving to be difficult as Evans struggled to get hold if the snake in the narrow space. After struggling for more than an hour, one of the snakes left part of its body hanging off the edge of the wall and Evans was able to grab it.

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The second snake was then seen on top of the roof.

Evans then parked his car next to the house and used it as a “ladder” to climb onto the roof. Once there, he lifted part of the tin sheet roof with his hook and then grabbed the snake with his tongs.

The “little guys”, as Evans called the snakes, were 1.8 metres in length.

“Small mambas usually prove to be the most tricky to catch, and these two certainly did not make life easy for my wife and I. The residents were a big help to us,” said Evans.

Both snakes were then released in an area away from any houses.

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