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1 Nov 2021
4:46 pm

Maimane drags Mbalula and tells DA ‘You can’t blame me this time’

Citizen Reporter

'No lie must be given room to breathe. Sometimes you have to wait a while before giving them the L,' says Maimane.

One South Africa Movement Leader, Mmmusi Maimane at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, 11 June 2020, after court judgement allowing independent candidates to contest for national and provincial elections. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

OneSA Movement leader Mmusi Maimane has landed himself on the Twitter trends list again again after handing out a few ‘losses’ to social media users, African National Congress (ANC) head of elections Fikile Mbalula and his own former political home, the Democratic Alliance (DA).

In an effort to get South Africans to go out to vote on Monday morning, Mbalula took to social media and told them “on your marks”.

In a hilarious response, Maimane suggested South Africans did not have an athletic track to run on as the Enoch Mgijima stadium was not an option.

“On which athletic track? We can’t run in the R15 million Athi Geleba stadium. We must not forget any manner of corruption by this government. School fumigation R431 million. Shady stadiums R21 million, Digital vibes R150 million…Motorbike ambulances…the list is too long. Today we fry amasela with our votes. We can’t leave massive corruption and bombastic defences of said corruption. We must put our feet on necks,” said Maimane in response to Mbalula and other social media users.

The infamous Lesseyton Sports Facility built in the Enoch Mgijima municipality caused an uproar last month, after it was reported that at least R15 million was spent on it.

According to the municipality, and information shared by head of digital communications in the Presidency Athi Geleba at the time, the reported R15 million was spent on “palisade fencing, rock blasting, earthworks, layer works, rugby and soccer field, athletics track, ablution facilities, change rooms, borehole, water reticulation installation, sewer system and a sceptic [sic] tank.”

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But the spent millions still did not add up for Maimane and the public at large. The stadium project is also being probed by the Hawks.

Maimane further took a swing at his former political home, and warned the party against blaming him should it not perform well at the polls.

The former DA leader was previously blamed for the party’s bad performance at the polls.

“They were blaming i’outi esharp, today the truth will come out. Bazozisola [they will regret it],” said Maimane, to which former DA MP Phumzile van Damme responded: “They still can. Ungabayeki [don’t let them get away with it].”

Responding to a social media user who asked if he was still angry about how he left the party, Maimane said: “Not even, kodwa they must know ukuthi ma ungisukеla, ngizoktshintshela mina. Today the nandos is coming home to roost.”

“[I have] Healed and fully recovered. You can’t keep a good man down. However, no lie must be given room to breathe. Sometimes you have to wait a while before giving them the L. Sizoba dubula dubula dubula.”