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21 Dec 2021
8:17 pm

WATCH: Uncle Vinny throws money at Ghana crowd, but no one picks it up

Citizen Reporter

Apparently free money is not welcomed in some African countries.

Teen sensation Uncle Vinny, real name Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu, is currently having the time of his life in Ghana as he performs to a welcoming crowd – until he decided to involve money.

In videos he shared on his Instagram live to his 754,000 followers, Uncle Vinny can be seen partying with Ghanaian fans at a show, when he takes out a few notes and prepares to throw them at the crowd.

While social media users argue the reaction would have been different in his home country, Ghanaians did not care to pick up the notes he threw at them. They only paused to look down at the notes and carried on with their business.

Watch the video below:

“There’s a serious superstition in Ghana and Nigeria about money given freely like that. People there believe money needs to be worked for and earned, they don’t believe in money given freely, they say it carries a curse,” commented one @tebza_deep, while @Parico_Films commented: “I’d go pick in up and put it back in my pockets, book a flight online… Fly back home first thing in the morning and throw it at Sassa queues”

It has not been long since the video made it onto the Twitter streets but Uncle Vinny is already at the top of the Twitter trends list as South Africans mock him for the ‘incident’.