Watch: Video of schoolboy punching schoolgirl causes shock

While the video evoked outrage, it turns out the girl is the one who started the fight by attacking the boy.

Two learners from the Lyttelton Manor High School in Centurion have been placed on suspension after a video surfaced showing the pair in a brawl, with the boy pinning down the girl and punching her.

In the video, a boy and girl are seen grabbing each other. The boy hits the girl with a right punch while she was holding onto his shirt, before they fell to the floor. While the girl tries to defend herself, the boy pins her to the floor with his knee while other students try to pull him off of her.

The two get up on their feet again but the boy grabs the girl and slams her to the floor. He gets on top of her and punches her in the abdomen while another pupil yells: “Don’t hurt her!”

The pair are separated and the girl is lifted from the floor while the boy is pulled away from the fight by other students.

While social media reacted with disgust and shock at the video, it turned out the girl had initiated the fight by attacking the boy. The incident happened on Friday during break time, said Gauteng department of education spokesperson Steve Mabona.

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“Preliminary investigations revealed that it was the girl learner who instigated the fight by attacking the boy learner, who retaliated as a result, as seen in the video.”

Both parents of the implicated learners were called to the school to discuss disciplinary processes. The disciplinary hearing will be held on February 24, Mabona said.

“Our psychosocial team was dispatched to the school for necessary support to all affected by the incident.”

Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi condemned the violence and called on parents to instil discipline in their children.

“Ill-discipline will never be allowed to persist in our schooling environment. We urge all our learners to refrain from acts of misconduct in schools and implore parents to assist the department in instilling learner discipline in and outside the school environment,” Lesufi said.

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