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PICS: Eat and run – clues lead to tasty cuisine in Sun City resort

Amazing Food Race' tantalises taste buds and a sense of adventure

My first visit to Sun City was exciting. I had fun getting to explore the lush greenery surrounding the beautiful hotels created by the late business magnate, Sol Kerzner.

But dashing from one food spot to the next was no easy feat. However, the thrill of discovering delectable delights along the way made every stride worth it.

As a self-certified foodie, the anticipation of what awaited us at each destination felt like heaven.

But that’s not what the race was about. Sun City hosted an Amazing Food Race based on the reality series, The Amazing Race, for the media to discover its new food offerings.

The popular resort is known for its culinary offerings and now this has been expanded. So, if you are looking to explore new gastronomy, this is the place to experience it.

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The Amazing Food Race – Sun City

We were divided into four groups: the white team (my team), and the blue, red, and green team, which included the reality TV stars Libho Geza (Love Island SA S1 winner), Thabang Mazibuko (Big Brother Titans), and TikTok star, Moghelingz, amongst others.

There were 15 participants four in each team with one member missing from the red team, which was an added advantage for the rest of us.

Amazing Food Race all teams. Picture: Supplied

With excitement bubbling, our journey unfolded with each clue leading us closer to delicious discoveries.

Our first clue hinted at a breakfast haven where “Everyone’s Welcome!” Racing against time, teams dashed to uncover the iconic breakfast spot.

It did not take long for my team and I to figure this one out, and within a heartbeat, we were outside the Wimpy kitchen, huffing and puffing after a short yet intense run.

“As a brand, we want to make people feel welcome, and that’s what Wimpy’s all about. So, whenever you’re experiencing Wimpy, wherever you are, we want you to always feel welcome, which is what we’re about to do and give you guys an experience today,” said one of the Wimpy’s staff members.

Then we were thrown into the kitchen to recreate Wimpy’s popular Cheeseburger and chips.

Wimpy Sun City. Picture: Supplied

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Salsa Mexican Grill

The next clue whisked us away to the vibrant flavors of Salsa Mexican Grill. “Hola Amigos! Let’s mix a Fiesta of Flavour with truly auténtico recipes,” hinted the clue card.

Thabang had figured it out in a split second and we were sprinting to the eatery.

Our task was simple: We had to recreate two of Salsa’s signature cocktails and make sure we had finished before the blue team, who had caught up with us. We quickly made our way to the next location.

We were transported by Mankwe Gametrackers, an adventure centre that offers a wide range of exhilarating experiences including game drives, bush walks, quad biking, archery, Chimp & Zee rope adventure, hot air balloon safari, and more, conveniently located at Sun City Resort.

Salsa Mexican Grill – Sun City. Picture: Supplied

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South African dishes with braai meat options

Our next task was to find “a truly South African Cuisine…Special South African dishes with braai meat options that will connect you to the true culture of the region.”

Mogodu, spinach, chakalaka, braaied meat, and chicken wings were among the delicacies that we enjoyed upon arrival at Elements.

We also had a refreshing cocktail before heading to our final destination. I must admit this was my favourate and I recommend it to visitors to the resort.

Elements Sun City. Picture: Supplied

The final clue card read: “The promise of a true sensory journey, revive, replenish, and indulge,” read the final clue card.

And of course, that meant the beautifully appointed Royal Spa open to all residents at Sun City.

This brought an end to our unique culinary experience. Team Green won the race, with team white securing second place, followed by the blue team, and lastly, the red team.

Royal Spa Sun City. Picture: Supplied

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