Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
20 Jul 2016
4:22 pm

‘Hobo ke mmao’ – Florence Masebe slams natural hair hater

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

'Pat your weave and nurse your fried scalp. Just stay out of my hair. Thanks,' she said to a Twitter user.

Florence Masebe. Picture: Twitter

Celebrities are usually friendly on Twitter, always engaging in conversations with their followers, retweeting them and, sometimes, responding to their questions. However, just like everyone else, they get annoyed when people throw insults at them. However, not everyone is like Bonang Matheba, who just ignores the negative tweets. Pearl Thusi and recently, Florence Masebe hit back – only Masebe’s bite is twice as painful.

On Wednesday, one Twitter user found it necessary to criticise Florence Masebe’s natural hair, implying that choosing not to comb her hair was a sign that she did not love herself.

Let’s just say the user got more than she bargained for, as Masebe struck with the hashtags #KeepYourComb, #CombsDown and #HoboKeMmao to address the natural-hair-vs-weave debate, with other people tweeting pictures of their “hobo look”.

“I’m told this is a ‘hobo look’. And ga ke ithate. Next time I’ll drag people to Venda and back. Le a ntlwaela,” she tweeted, asking the user who they thought they were to instruct her to comb her hair.

“What offended me further was her carrying on to say I must love myself. So to her a comb = self-love?”

Another user took it a step further and said to Masebe: “ageing is painful, you know”, to which she responded with: “Now you are asking for sewage matter.”


Responding to her followers, Masebe said she has been too quiet for too long, and needed to teach the critics a lesson.

“Pat your weave and nurse your fried scalp. Just stay out of my hair. Thanks,” she said.

Here are some of the tweets:

Masebe is not the only celebrity who has shown she prefers natural hair to weaves. Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has always been vocal about how black women should embrace their natural hair, even complimenting Dineo Ranaka when she cut her hair and went natural.

Veteran musician Hugh Masekela has also been clear about his stance on natural hair, refusing to take pictures with women who have weaves.