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25 Sep 2016
7:46 pm

WATCH: Man tries to take selfie with snake, gets bitten

Citizen reporter

The camera-shy snake had had enough of the flashlights, so it decided to 'do an AKA' and send a strong message to the man.

Man tries to take a selfie with a python.

In a video that recently emerged, a man was bitten by a python while trying to take a selfie with it in India’s northwestern Rajasthan state.

According to Sky News, forest department officials had just removed the snake from a school when one man decided to take snaps of the snake. We are presuming the man decided that normal pictures of the snake weren’t going to cut it, so he needed a selfie to prove that he was there with the creature.

The snake, however, was not impressed with the man taking snaps of it without its permission, so – just like rapper AKA – it attacked him.

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The snake was taken away and the man suffered only minor injuries. Unlike an encounter with AKA, he still had possession of his cellphone afterwards.