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25 Nov 2016
10:51 am

WATCH: He he he! Zuma ‘forgets’ Brics enemies in parly

Citizen reporter

The president finds it amusing that the DA expects him to remember names of the Western countries 'against' Brics countries.

On Wednesday, MPs gathered in parliament to get answers from the president for the last time, and he made sure to leave them with more questions than answers, and he had fun while at it.

A Democratic Alliance MP asked the president: “Mr President, last Friday in the Pietermaritzburg City Hall, you said that South Africa was disliked by Western powers because our country is a member of the Brics group of emerging economies and that furthermore these Western powers wanted to dismantle Brics. Mr President, which Western countries were you referring to? How did they plan on dismantling Brics? And what will the effect of their actions be on our economic diplomacy with these Western countries over the next decade. Thank you.”

We do not think anyone in parliament, including speaker Baleka Mbete, had anticipated what the president would say.

He said: “Thank you Madam Speaker. If the speaker was listening very well, I said I’ve forgotten the names of these countries. How can he think I’m going to remember here? He he he he!”

Watch the video below:

The president did not stop there. Responding to questions in relation to the state capture report, Zuma said: “No one, no matter what position they hold, can instruct the president to establish a commission and even tell the process through which you must go,” a statement that left the EFF furious.

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