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25 Apr 2017
11:20 am

Gigaba wears pilot gear but has ‘never even flown a kite’

Citizen Reporter

Mentor has criticised the finance minister for wearing SAA pilot gear and taking his wife to Washington DC along with him when he should be working.

Picture: Facebook

Following Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s appointment by President Jacob Zuma last month, former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor has been throwing some hilarious jabs at the president and the minister and criticising pretty much everything they do.

On Monday, Mentor shared a picture of Gigaba in full SAA pilot gear at the State of the Nation Address in 2014 and questioned his choice of outfit. Gigaba has never even flown a kite, she said.

Mentor has also criticised the minister trip to the IMF/World Bank Spring meetings in Washington DC. According to National Treasury, Gigaba is attending the roadshow in a bid to restore confidence in South Africa following recent ratings downgrades.

Gigaba took his wife, Norma, with him, and she has been posting pictures of the two together on Instagram. One of the pictures got Mentor’s attention, and she questioned where he got the time to be “fooling around” with his wife when he is supposed to be attracting investors to the country.

While there, some South Africans celebrated as the rand improved against the US dollar, giving credit to the finance minister, who was in the process of fixing things, according to them.

But Mentor said South Africans did not have reason to celebrate, saying their lack of knowledge could make one want to cry.

“Those who understand how economies work will know that it takes about 3 -5 quarters for a Junk Status to begin to bite. So celebrating the ‘strength’ of the Rand currently is mediocre and ill-informed. And even if there was no Junk Status, how do we celebrate even a 1:12 Dollar: Rand ratio? South Africans can make you really want to cry,” she said.