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8 May 2017
4:15 pm

WATCH: When pastor made his ‘sheep’ congregants crawl after him

Citizen Reporter

We can only wonder if other churchgoers who did not crawl were not his sheep.


In an old video that has resurfaced on social media, a pastor reads a verse and then orders his “sheep” to follow him as he walks around.

The pastor’s sermon was based on John 10:27, which reads: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

His first three “sheep” can be seen crawling as they scream.

He then calls on more “sheep” to follow suit, further telling them to stand up and “be still”. The video has been viewed more than 500 000 times, with more than 2 000 shares, with most comments criticising the pastor for “misleading” his church like that.

Watch the video below shared by Gossip Mill on Facebook:

Over the years, we have seen congregants in churches around the country being made to drink petrol, eat snakes, grass and hair, and some have even had church speakers put on top of them.

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