Citizen Reporter
1 minute read
16 May 2017
8:25 pm

WATCH: Granny’s game session ends in real gun shots at the TV

Citizen Reporter

For this poor old lady, the virtual reality and its terrifying shark was just a little bit too real.


A video of an old woman playing a video game using 3D-enabled virtual reality glasses has emerged and, let’s just say the glasses managed to convince her everything was real.

In the video, the granny can be seen playing a game while making distraught sounds as the shark in the game seems to be catching up with her.

She then asks if everything is real, panicking this time. Her grandson, who was in the other room, comes to her, touches her arm and tells her it is just a game.

His touch, however, sets things off as the granny panics even more. She then takes off the glasses, grabs a knife and wields it at the people who are in the room.

As they keep telling the granny “it’s just a game”, the long-forgotten shark makes its appearance on the screen, and granny quickly grabs a gun on the table and starts shooting at the screen and around the room.

Watch the video below: