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21 May 2017
4:11 pm

Mazwai: Radebe, Gigaba please keep your penises in your pants

Citizen Reporter

The poet says she only feels sorry for Mrs Radebe who will suffer embarrassment for her husband's alleged sexting scandal.

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe has been Twitter’s Sunday meal after a report of him allegedly begging a 29-year-old staffer to send him pictures of her private parts emerged.

The minister has been called all the names under the sun, with most criticising him for his “indecency”, while some said there was nothing wrong with two adults flirting.

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has shared her two cents on the matter, accusing Siyasanga Mbambani, a presidential photographer, of being an “opportunist”.

“I don’t feel sorry for her…..I feel sorry for Jeff’s wife who is so lovely. Nxa,” she said.

She said that though what Radebe had done was wrong, he did not abuse Mbambani, further questioning if the woman was getting money from him.

“Nah girl….you’re not a victim…you’re an accomplice,” she said.

Though she said she was not telling women not to date married men, she advised them not to play along with “inappropriate” behaviour.

“These old men are quite raunchy hey.

“Don’t be that dodgy girl who sleeps with married men and wants to expose them when things are not going your way….nah guuuurl,” sphe said.

She then had only one request for Radebe and Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, who has also had his fair share of bedroom scandals, that they keep their manhoods in their pants to avoid embarrassing their families.

The Radebe revelation was published by the Sunday Times, which detailed a story of how Mbambani, a presidential photographer, received raunchy SMSes from the 64-year-old struggle veteran. The exchanges reportedly began in 2014.

The paper published samples of the texts, which included Radebe apparently begging her to do more than just send him a picture of herself fully clothed (which she had). She later allegedly obliged with a pic of herself in a bubble bath, and finally exposed her naked breasts.

“Let me see there,” a later text from him requested, with a clarification telling Mbambani that he was interested in her photographing herself further “down”. She claims she refused to do so.

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