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16 Oct 2017
1:39 pm

Mbalula wants to test his self-defence skills on Malema

Citizen Reporter

As if the violence EFF MPs experienced in parliament was not enough, the police minister himself wants to add more bruises.

Picture: Mogau Mabapa/Facebook.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula just told his followers that he has a black belt in Taekwondo, though most of them don’t believe him. He shared the information after a Facebook user shared a picture of the minister wearing a karate jacket with a South African flag and his name embroidered on it.

The user said the minister had a black belt in Karate, to which he added and said it was Taekwondo, to be specific.

Mbalula said the interviewer in the picture was “exposing” his self-defence technique “because I wanted to test drive it phaya ku Julius Malema nje for control”.

No one knows why the minister chose Malema as his target as he has not threatened his former drinking partner – at least not in public.

The EFF leader has not responded to the minister.

However, Mbalula’s followers do not believe the minister earned his black belt as some asked him where he bought it. Some warned him to stay away from Malema, who they said would destroy him.

Others, however, said the EFF leader was not a violent man and would have his revenge by exposing Mbalula’s drinking habits.

These were some of the comments on Twitter:

“You better be prepared for war, the CIC won’t let you get away with this believe me.”

“This tweet is very violent…you can’t get away with this one Ngeke.”

“Now we know where squeeze is coming from.”

“Is this an honorary black belt, honorable minister, from beach Taekwondo in Dubai!”

“Please save the taxpayers some money, with that black belt and big belly you don’t need bodyguards.”

“Minister needs to be on the ground to fight criminals himself.”

“Kanti you do the squeezing yourself? I thought you delegate.”

It’s good to see the two joking around again after their recent twar.

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