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25 Oct 2017
2:26 pm

South Africans not impressed with ANCYL’s message to matriculants

Citizen Reporter

The league has been told to stay away from matriculants, as they do not need the 'negativity' it is spreading.

Picture: Twitter

The ANC Youth League recently found itself on the wrong side of Twitter after tweets that were said to be divisive.

In a series of tweets, the league tweeted a photo of leader Collen Maine, with the message: “The ANCYL wishes all matriculants of 2017 well in their final examination and hope they do their best.”

The post was followed by a series of tweets, encouraging learners to “prepare for their examinations with extra ordinary commitment” to get better results than last year’s.

“We hope to see an increase in the pass rate of mathematics, physics, accounting and other critical skills subjects,” it said, further urging teachers to support the learners.

The league’s last message was criticised and called “unnecessary”.

“We wish all learners well particularly those who are indigenous South Africans,” it said, in a tweet that people demanded to be deleted.

“Please delete this tweet and rethink of a better message. We don’t need such negativity,” said one, while another wrote: “What the hell does that mean? So somebody is excluded from your well wishes. It boggles the mind, that from a 38-year-old ‘intellectual’.”

These were some of the comments on the post: