Citizen Reporter
1 minute read
27 Oct 2017
5:03 pm

WATCH: Traffic officers eat money – literally

Citizen Reporter

One woman admiring the officers can be heard saying the guys are really eating a lot of money.


A video showing traffic officers eating money has surfaced on social media.

In the video, a local song that roughly translates to: “It’s nice living,” plays in the background while a woman’s voice can be heard saying the guys can afford to eat the money – literally.

“Andiyiboni kakuhle [I am not able to the money in the other plate],” a woman’s voice is heard bantering with the two uniformed traffic officials.

“Kudliwi nyama, kudliwi mali [we eat meat, we eat money],” one guy says as he alternates between enjoying the food and mimicking chewing the money.

“Hee ayiseninzi lemali [such a lot of money],” the woman taking the video sounds surprised at the wads of cash piled up in three plates in the boot of the car.

Towards the end of the video, one officer in fashionable eyewear can be seen wiping his face with a R100 note. It is not clear whether they are on duty, as they appear to be doing this in their own private vehicle.

The Citizen is also unable to ascertain from the footage which city the two guys work for.


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