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23 Nov 2017
2:38 pm

How social media unpacked this first photo of the Mugabes since Bob’s resignation

Citizen Reporter

'Mina, I want to interview the help in her home ... those people have the stories,' says one comment.

A screenshot of a picture shared on Twitter by Quinton Mtyala.

Journalist Quinton Mtyala shared the first picture of former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace, since his resignation on Tuesday, and social media had a field day.

The picture shows the couple sitting on a couch with three men standing behind them, and Grace apparently looking like she has not slept since her husband’s resignation.

While social media users said Grace looked like she finished all the tissue boxes in the house, others said the guys at the back looked like they were forced to be in it.

These were some of the comments on the picture:

“Was Grace married to Mugabe or to the power and perks? Did Grace love him really or she loved the power and perks? Poor Bob. I hope she sticks with him to the very end.”

“We are taught to love and forgive! Mugabe is and shall always be part of the great Zim nation, let’s treat him with respect as former president and stop ridiculing him! In any case, Zim did not reach where it is just because of one man! It’s time to forgive and move on. No excuses.”

“Her husband looks like hes sleeping plenty.”

“Mina I want to interview the help in her home…..those people have the stories.”

“This is when you realise that you really have no power.”

“And what’s that on the table, a certificate of bad governance?”

“No rings on her fingers? I wonder if the generals took those? What will be next? Ferragamos? Farms? The island in Malaysia? .”

“He and she are fortunate they didn’t meet the fate of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.”

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