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Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
3 minute read
5 Oct 2021
7:48 pm

Enoch Mgijima municipality says R15m stadium pictures ‘provided minimal detail’

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

The stadium caused an uproar on social media resulting in a hilarious mini twar between DJ Shimza and former DA leader and current leader of One SA Movement, Mmusi Maimane

Picture: Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality/Facebook

Following the backlash on social media, the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality said in a statement on Tuesday that the manner in which the initial post of the stadium was shared provided minimal detail about it.

“The construction of the sports facility commenced at the beginning of March 2020 following an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approved by DEDEAT authorising the project within the limits stated in the NEMA Act. Further investigations were also conducted to determine the suitability of the site to be developed into a sports field with associated structures – which include survey, geotechnical and geohydrological tests,” it explained.

According to the municipality, the project scope entailed:

• Erection of 780 metres of palisade fencing

• Construction of a rugby and soccer field (site clearing, layering of grounds)

• Rock blasting – undertaken as the area is comprised mainly of hard rock which had to be removed to allow for construction

• Earth works – excavation and levelling of grounds

• Layer works – G5 imported sub-base layer; 13 mm crushed stone which is 75 mm thick; top soil and transplanting of kikuyu grass

• Athletics track – grassed track – layers of crushed stone, drainage system to ensure its viability

• Ablution facilities (2 blocks) – construction of 14 toilets and 8 showers

• Change rooms – showers and benches

• Borehole drilling, equipping and water reticulation installation, rain water catchment tank, high-rise water main tank

• Sewer system with septic tank

• Electrical installation

• Guard house

• Steel grandstands

“The municipality has made this investment in the rural village in support of sport activities in the area. This is aimed at providing the community, especially youth, with a facility that will serve as a suitable playing ground to benefit over six villages. The community has a rich history in sport and has also produced a professional soccer player which the municipality prides itself of,” it said.

DJ Shimza becomes Maimane’s latest Twitter casualty

The stadium caused an uproar on social media, resulting in a hilarious mini twar between DJ Shimza and former DA leader and current leader of the One SA Movement, Mmusi Maimane, and in true Twitter style, there has not been a shortage of memes to describe the situation.

Maimane on Tuesday joined South Africans in voicing their disapproval of the municipality after its unveiling of what was supposed to be a stadium.

According to the municipality, and information shared by head of digital communications in the Presidency Athi Geleba, the pictures circulating on social media are indeed of a stadium and the reported R15 million spent was used on “palisade fencing, rock blasting, earthworks, layer works, rugby and soccer field, athletics track, ablution facilities, change rooms, borehole, water reticulation installation, sewer system and a sceptic [sic] tank.”

But the spent millions still did not add up for Maimane and DJ Shimza, who commented “aowa” to Geleba’s attempt at explaining where the money went.

“Even Shimza can’t spin these turntables,” tweeted Maimane, before DJ Shimza made a U-turn and advocated for clarity on the matter after listening to the opinions of engineers, apparently.

“This one aikhona, I’m seeing a lot of engineers and people who work in construction saying it’s actually possible but people must account for clarity,” said Shimza.

Maimane was not buying Shimza’s explanation.

“I understand why you have to soften the blow. From my experience this project definitely did not come close to R15 million,” he said.

After Shimza questioned Maimane’s construction knowledge in favour of the engineers he had been listening to, the One SA Movement leader delivered a response that should have ended the conversation.

“Message your bae. Send flowers. No one forced you to enter this chat. I have a masters in Economics, while you were entering DJ competitions I was working in public office, I know what I am talking about. Bottomline, the project did not cost R15 million. There is no spin room,” he said.

DJ Shimza did try to respond with talk of his relationship with a black woman and the successful businesses he runs, but Maimane’s comment was effectively where the twar ended.