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Groblersdal father and son to learn fate of bail application

The two are accused of assaulting the 30-year-old security guard with a heavy object and inciting a dog to attack him.

The father and son accused of assaulting a black security guard and setting lose a dog on him in Groblersdal,Limpopo are to set to learn their fate on whether or not they will be released on bail.

The bail application of Piet Groenewald, 63, owner of Wildlife Investigation & Protection Services (WIPS), and his son Stefan Greeff, 27, will resume at the Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court where judgment is expected to be handed down.

The two are accused of assaulting the 30-year-old security guard who claimed he was hit by Groenewald and Greeff with a heavy object and that the two incited a dog to attack him. He recorded the attack on video.

The employee recorded the attack on video which was widely circulated on social media platforms.

The father and son are facing charges of attempted murder.

Flight risk

During court proceedings, it was revealed that Groenewald senior had two previous convictions in 1990 – one for murder and another for attempted murder – and claims he is not a flight risk.

Investigating officer Gregory Maleasenya, however, also told the court that a state witness would not be safe should the accused be released on bail.

The case has attracted huge crowds who have been protesting outside the court. During their first court appearance, clashes broke out when their supporters, carrying the old Transvaal flag, forced their way through a police barricade and into the court yard demanding the father and son’s release.

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Racial tensions

The Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services said it is disturbed by the growing racial tension in the Groblersdal community over the court case

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola said they were disturbed by the events that unfolded outside the Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court.

“Access to court and peaceful protest is permitted in our country but it must be in line with the directives of the court. We applaud the Saps for swiftly arresting all the protesters that attempted to block or enter the court forcefully.

“This has restored the dignity of the court and sends a message that our courts cannot be playground for lawlessness. We also condemn the display of the Vierkleur Flag (a flag which features three horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue with a vertical green stripe at the hoist) by protestors. [It] is deeply troubling, as it evokes memories of a time when discrimination and inequality prevailed,” Lamola said.

Lamola said the Vierkleur Flag is a symbol that represents a “bygone era of colonisation and apartheid”.

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