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By Narissa Subramoney

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Verulam teen accused of forcing smaller children to perform sexual acts

When armed response security got to the scene, they found members of the community gathered outside the home of the youngster.

Tensions are high in the community of Parkgate in Verulam after a 15 year-old teenager was accused of sexually assaulting three children, aged between five and seven years.

According to private security company Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA), a voice note containing allegations of sexual abuse involving the teenager was being circulated in the community.

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Community baying for blood

When armed response security got to the scene on Tuesday evening, they found members of the community gathered outside the home of the youngster.

“A crowd consisting of nearly 100 people gathered at the accused’s residence and threatened to kill him and his family,” explained Rusa spokesperson Prem Balram.

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“On arrival, Reaction officers were informed that a voice note was being circulated. The person in the audio clip stated that the teenager sodomised three friends, aged between five and seven, and forced them to perform oral sex on him.”

Rusa said the 15-year-old allegedly confirmed the accusation’s levied against him when he was confronted by the mob.

“Members in the community were saying they were going to kill the boy. They blocked Rusa officers’ access in and out of the cul-de-sac with tyres,” said Balram.

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The teenager and the three minor children were apparently later taken to the Verulam police station for further investigation.

But KwaZulu-Natal South African Police Services spokesperson, Colonel Robert Netshiunda said there was no case registered at the police station.

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