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Proposing soon? Here’s where NOT to do it, according to an expert

Planning on popping 'THE' question soon? An etiquette expert gives advice on the best location to get down on one knee.

When you want to ask the person you love to marry you, it’s important to do it in the right way. Many people choose a special and meaningful place for their proposal. But now an expert on good manners has revealed the one place where it’s considered “unacceptable” to propose.

Where NOT to propose

According to etiquette expert Grant Harrold, proposals should happen in a romantic place that is special to the couple.

Sharing his thoughts on a viral TikTok video where someone proposed while their partner was in the bathroom during a flight, Harrold said he thinks it’s insensitive and unnecessary.

“We all worry that something might go wrong during a proposal or, worse, that the person might say no,” the etiquette expert said in a statement.

He suggests staying calm and composed. If they do say no, he says not to give up on the relationship and to keep trying until they say yes.

Other places he believes where you should never get down on one knee to propose is at a wedding, a funeral, or a christening.

He says this is a big no-no as these are important events and you shouldn’t take the attention away from the people whose event it is.

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Do’s and dont’s when proposing:

Dress smart and don’t put the engagement ring in food

When going on a date with your partner, it’s important to present yourself in a similar manner. Dress nicely and make an effort to look your best.

“If you plan to propose, it’s advisable to wait until after the meal. While you may feel nervous throughout the entire meal, it’s best to get it out of the way first,” suggests Harrold.

He says it’s best not to hide the engagement ring in the dessert as it could lead to unexpected accidents and potentially ruin your engagement night.

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Dealing with proposal nerves

Proposing can be challenging. It’s important to find ways to calm yourself and distract your thoughts. Engage in conversation about unrelated topics to shift your focus.

“Be fully present with your partner and avoid displaying nervous laughter or acting overly excited. Embrace the moment and try to savour it to create a lasting memory,” advices Harrold.

You want to cherish this special night for the rest of your life.

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Choose the ring with your partner’s style in mind

One of the initial steps is acquiring the ring, which should be flawless. Ensure that it aligns with your partner’s preferences and desires.

“Take some time to prepare heartfelt words to express your feelings. Speak sincerely about their significance in your life, the depth of your love, and cherish the moments you’ve shared. Then, gracefully kneel down and open the ring box, hoping for their consent and joy as you slip the ring onto their finger,” Harold suggests.

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