Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
8 minute read
29 Jul 2021
8:31 am

Audi SQ7 and TT RS Roadster: Perfect four rings pair?

Charl Bosch

Despite being completely different segment-wise, performance remains at the heart of the TT RS and SQ7.

Audi SQ7 and TT RS Roadster the ultimate two car four rings garage?

It is a game many a petrolhead has “played” at some stage in their life: if money was no object, what would be the perfect or dream car garage? As is so often the case, a list of the world’s most desirable and expensive cars, likely to consist out of super and hypercars, would be drawn-up and written under the heading “my perfect five car garage” or even “my top 100 dream car garage”. Whether the new Audi SQ7 and updated Audi TT RS Roadster would feature on any “dream list” regardless of the imaginary garage’s capacity or the infinite...