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14 Jul 2016
12:02 pm

WATCH: Big Brother beauty’s dress bursts while twerking

Citizen Reporter

Big Brother contestant Lateysha Grace's dress ripped open while doing an interview on live TV.

Big Brother UK's Lateysha.

Reality TV show Big Brother is one of the most watched worldwide, probably because it is live and strange things often happen. The show gets the craziest contestants, who do not seem to care the cameras are always rolling, and they do as they please. In Mzansi in 2014, the show had Mandla and Lexi, who hooked up and ended up giving viewers more than what they’d bargained for. The couple, who are still together and have a reality show about their lives, had sex in a shower, and everything was there for the world to see.

Big Brother UK had Lateysha Grace – known for twerking in the house, who on Wednesday night suffered a hilarious twerk fail after her dress ripped open during an interview with Rylan Clark-Neal on BBBOTS.

When Lateysha appeared on BBBOTS, Rylan Clark-Neal spoke to her about her twerking in the house, but things didn’t go so well when her poor dress couldn’t hold it together.

Watch the video below posted on YouTube by Newsy Tube.