Gosebo Mathope
1 minute read
26 Jun 2017
11:13 am

‘Sun City’ prison inmates treated to a saucy ‘strip show’

Gosebo Mathope

The prison authorities claim they approved a Youth Day celebration, not a mini Moulin Rouge.

One of the pictures of the 'strip show' doing the rounds.

Inmates at Johannesburg’s Medium B prison in Naturena outside the city centre, popularly known as Sun City, were given a rare sight for prisoners, apparently during Youth Day celebrations – when scantily clad female “strippers” arrived to entertain them.

Apparently they were actually trying to “rehabilitate” them.

The notorious prison, which houses some of the most dangerous prisoners in the country (many of them in for rape and murder and other violent crimes), was visited by the half-naked women for a spot of fun behind all that barbed wire.



So enraged is the South African correctional services union by the incident that it is demanding that the head of the prison be sacked with immediate effect for allowing the “X-rated” entertainment, though it’s unlikely any of the women actually removed their clothes.

The salacious encounter with the inmates, backed up by various photographs doing the rounds on social media, is alleged to have taken place under the guise of being a rehabilitative-oriented Youth Day event.

A department of correctional services representative this morning told the SABC that authorities were “not aware that there will be a strip show”, as this was not disclosed during preparations.

Gauteng correctional service communications coordinator Sabata Moroane said the department had since instituted an investigation into the alleged striptease and it would release findings of a preliminary investigation this afternoon.

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