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2 Nov 2017
1:50 pm

Women travel for plastic surgery, detained on return for mismatching passport pics

Citizen Reporter

When they arrived at the airport, their new faces were nothing like the passport photos they flew out with.

Picture: Twitter

Three women, said to be Chinese, who recently travelled to South Korea for plastic surgery, were reportedly detained at the airport on their return because they looked different from their passport pictures.

In a picture that has been circulating on social media, the three women with swollen faces can be seen with bandages around their head, and were detained and questioned by immigration officers at passport control, the New York Post has reported.

The three women, who have not been identified, reportedly took advantage of the ‘Golden Week’, a national holiday in which residents are encouraged to take paid vacations, and travelled from China to South Korea, but failed to account for recovery days when they arrived at the airport and were detained as a result.

They had to wait for their identities to be confirmed.

These were some of the comments on the picture that has been circulating on social media:

“They need to get a plastic surgery certificate. The certificates include the patient’s passport number, the length of their stay, the name and location of the hospital as well as the hospital’s official seal to certify the document. Travellers can show the forms to immigration officials on their return trip home.”

“When the boyfriends think they are marrying a cute girl. Just wait until she has his kid.”

“How can they travel in that physical state? They should be in bed resting!! It would complicate so much their recovery.”

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