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22 Nov 2017
3:25 pm

Zim man doesn’t know what to do now that Grace won’t be president

Citizen Reporter

Not everyone is happy that they won't get to enjoy the gains of what could have been the former first lady's presidency.

Zimbabwe Today Live on Facebook posted pictures of a disappointed man who had already seen a business opportunity at the December Zanu-PF congress, which would have probably seen Grace Mugabe elected president of Zimbabwe.

The man had made white mugs with Grace’s photo on them written: “Secretary for Women’s Affairs, First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe,” but now he’s disappointed that his product won’t sell, since she’s no longer the first lady following her husband Robert’s resignation on Tuesday.

“I had made these cups for the December Zanu-PF congress where Grace Mugabe was going to be elected president, now what do I do with these cups?” read the caption on the shared pictures.

Social media users did not disappoint as they made suggestion on what the entrepreneur could do with the mugs. One said the man should charge people to smash each cup on the floor to express their anger towards Grace.

Another said he should write the date of Mugabe’s resignation on them so they could serve as a reminder. Some were complaining that they would never get the bags of rice Grace had apparently promised.

“If anyone knows where the rice is stored at, please let us know so we can collect it ourselves.”

These were some of the comments:

“Just delete some wording and put DisGrace cup, or ‘thank you for your foul mouth it ushered us to a new era’. Don’t forget to change pic to suit the above wording.”

“Have a huge party bring and braai. Entrance fee with a mug of chocolate mouse (everyone loves chocolate). After the people have eaten the chocolate mouse. They can either smash the mug in a pit of hot coals or keep it. Pay back what you spent to produce them. The profit you can donate to a children’s home. In fact don’t donate the money find a sponsor who is prepared to give you clothing for these children at a keeper price.”

“The cups should be more valuable today than they would have been. You’ve just bought yourself a ticket to a comfortable retirement.”

Print a red stripe down the cups to cover Dis-Grace and all the words written beneath, they will look wow.”

“Don’t break them keep them then sell them to the archives department this will go down in history and they are good for history ,reference for a president who never was.”

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