Cheryl Kahla
Deputy Online News Editor
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3 Sep 2021
2:07 pm

Hijacking video: ‘Take my car, but I’m keeping my lunch’

Cheryl Kahla

South Africans have a unique way of laughing through the pain...

Photo: Twitter/@Abramjee

Alert South Africa on Friday shared a video of a white Toyota Hilux hijacked outside the Hillclimb Cafe in Westmead, Durban.

The short 18-second clip of the hijacking – which occurred on Thursday – shows an armed hijacker pushing the driver away from the vehicle before driving off.

Watch: Hijacking in Westmead

The video soon garnered attraction on social media but the topic of discussion wasn’t the very serious criminal act of hijacking, but rather the victim’s lunch…

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South Africans respond

One user, Ronald Phiri, said a person’s life is worth more than a vehicle, and commended the motorist for not making eye contact. He added: “Hijackers will kill you if they feel their identity will be compromised”.

Another user, known only as @iluxapple, said they don’t wish the trauma of surviving a hijacking on anyone.

However, we are a unique nation, so as expected, South African netizens came prepared with lunch jokes and memes as well.

One user said, “He is still alive and has something to eat”, while another added,

“You can take the car and I’ll keep my lunch”.

Another said South Africans “clearly live in a war”, but added it’s nice of the hijackers to “let him keep his food”. We’ve collected the most memorable responses here:

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