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28 Sep 2021
10:05 pm

‘I read about it in the papers’ – Women share how their partners secretly got married

Citizen Reporter

One story unfortunately ended tragically as the man apparently died in a car accident before his wedding.

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While South Africa was preparing to celebrate Heritage Day on Friday, some men and women apparently used the long weekend to travel to their home provinces to get married, without informing their partners in Gauteng.

Kaya FM DJ Thabo ‘Tbose‘ Mokwele got South Africans to share their stories of how they found out about their partners’ secret weddings, and while some are hilarious, others ended tragically.

The hashtag #MyPersonGotMarriedKaWeekend has been trending since, as South Africans share their experiences.

One woman, who was not identified, called in and recounted how her sister found out about her then partner’s marriage.

She said her sister in Gauteng had been staying with a guy from Limpopo in 2010, and unfortunately, the guy’s family didn’t like her. The girl decided to follow her partner to his home in Limpopo one weekend and found the family celebrating her partner’s marriage to another woman.

Another caller said: “My ex-person woke up with me the day he got married and never said anything. We kept in touch during the long weekend and he still said nothing. When I asked him about the noise in the background he told me he was at home. On my way to work on Monday I saw posters because he’s a son of a well-known person; ‘So and so’s son got married over the long weekend’. When I got to work people couldn’t even look me in the eye. The next thing he came to the office. I asked him about the newspaper articles and he told me: ‘I was afraid of telling you. This is an arranged marriage.’ It still hurts like hell.”

One story unfortunately ended tragically as the man apparently died in a car accident before his wedding.

“My person on a Friday, he woke up early and said there was an urgent meeting at home in Limpopo and he left. I don’t what happened on Friday after he left. Saturday was supposed to be his wedding day. But I got a report that the guy had been involved in a car accident and died at the scene. The report also said he was going home to get married. That’s how my person left us. I said: ‘I respect my ancestors, they’re strong.'”

“Talking from experience, someone will leave you to go home and get married and come back and tell you it was an arranged marriage and expect you to be okay with it because he married the woman for his parents. The guys from Limpopo are capable of everything and then blame it on their mothers. It hurt so much. It happened but I’m over it. It’s been over four years now. I know the experience,” said another.

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