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Gareth Cotterell
Digital News Editor
1 minute read
1 Oct 2021
3:51 pm

WATCH: Gogo uses walking stick to fight off pouncing leopard

Gareth Cotterell

This is the third incident of a leopard attacking a human in the area in recent times.

Nirmaladevi Singh was attacked by a leopard in a Mumbai suburb on Wednesday. Photo: Screenshot

A video doing the rounds on social media shows a leopard pouncing on a woman while she was sitting outside her house in a Mumbai suburb in India.

Footage from the incident shows the leopard on the veranda of the woman’s house before she arrived. The woman then walks to the edge of the veranda and sits down. It appears to be dark outside and she doesn’t see the leopard, which is watching her the whole time.

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The leopard crouches as the woman gets nearer but it doesn’t move until she is sitting. The big cat then stealthily approaches her and seems to claw at the woman just as she notices the animal next to her.

The woman, identified as Nirmaladevi Singh, uses her walking stick to beat the leopard away.

India Today reports that Singh was scratched on her face, arm, back and leg. None of the wounds are serious.

This was the third incident of a leopard attacking a human in the area – which borders the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, according to the Hindustan Times.

Days before, a four-year-old boy was rescued by the locals nearby when a leopard tried to drag him away from his house. In a previous incident, a three-year-old boy was also attacked by a leopard.

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