Gareth Cotterell
Digital News Editor
2 minute read
4 Oct 2021
2:13 pm

‘Fantastically delusional’: Twitter reacts to DA ward councillor’s cringeworthy video

Gareth Cotterell

'We don't know what the DA is doing, but they're hilarious,' said Chester Missing.

A screengrab from Angus McKenzie's video where he stands triumphantly in front of cheering residents. Picture: Screengrab from YouTube

A Democratic Alliance (DA) ward councillor has released a cringeworthy video telling the people of Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, to vote for him if they want problems in the area – such as crime, water issues and blocked drains – to be solved.

This is despite the fact that Angus McKenzie has been a ward councillor in Bonteheuwel since 2016.

The video starts with community members showing their frustrations at the lack of water, criminals running amok in the area and drains being blocked. Someone then calls for help – and McKenzie emerges as the hero.

In one scene, McKenzie is seen pulling an ANC T-shirt out a blocked drain. In another, he walks up to a criminal and punches him in the face, despite the man having a gun.

He then stands triumphantly in front of cheering residents while throwing his arms in the air like Muhammad Ali.

‘Fantastically delusional’

Political analyst puppet Chester Missing took to Twitter to weigh in.

Missing called the criminal a poor guy that the DA probably neglected. When there is no water coming out of the tap, the puppet reminds everyone that Cape Town experienced Day Zero because the DA didn’t check the dam levels.

In the scene where a man lies dead on the street, Missing says: “Well, the DA are the people that made being homeless illegal.”

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The puzzled puppet ends off by saying: “We don’t know what the DA is doing but they’re hilarious.”

Other people on social media also expressed their disgust at the video.

This isn’t the first time McKenzie has made headlines this year. In April this year, a video was circulated showing the councillor saying “food parcels win votes”. After receiving backlash, the DA said the video was heavily edited.

Cape Coloured Congress president Fadiel Adams even defended McKenzie at the time.

“He is not saying that he gives food parcels for votes, he’s not saying that, he’s saying that is how politics work(s) in Cape Town,” Adams said.

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