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26 Dec 2021
11:00 am

Watch: Has this Joburg Metro cop never heard of Covid?

Citizen Reporter

The officer's reply to the couple's protests to using a used breathalyser tube was: "Since it's Covid the law must not work?"

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A Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officer is in hot water after insisting that a motorist blow into a used breathalyser tube, and insisting that they “can’t have a hundred breathalysers for each person”.

In the video which the driver’s wife posted on social media, the officer can be seen having a discussion with the man, who says he has no qualms with taking a breathalyser or even a blood test, but he would like a new tube.

The officer, however, sees no problem with multiple drivers sharing the same tube, and even blows in it himself to show that it’s safe, before again insisting that the driver have a turn.

The officer also never wears a mask throughout the encounter.

When the couple bring the pandemic and the reasons for not wanting to blow into a used device to his attention, he responds with “since it’s Covid the law must not work?”.

Eventually he seems to give in, and hands the driver his licence back, while the couple lecture him on safety and hygiene, and even warn him to keep himself and his family safe from Covid.

The JMPD’s Wayne Minnaar told News24 that the officer would face an investigation.

“The officer’s behaviour is not professional and his conduct is unbecoming, by him putting his head into the couple’s car window without he himself wearing a mask,” Minnaar is quoted as saying.

The JMPD believe the officer did not behave in a manner that was befitting to the law enforcement profession.