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WATCH: ‘They were both murdered’ – Cent Twinz tell all on death of parents

The twins spoke about their mother's mysterious death and their father's brutal killing.

Innocent Sadiki and Millicent Mashile, popularly known as Cent Twinz, recently opened up about how they lost their parents.

The TV personalities were guests on Tuesday’s episode of their podcast I’ve Been Through The Most, interviewed by Owamie Hlongwane.

I’ve Been Through the Most tells stories of people who have undergone life’s roughest experiences, unravelling details of what transpired.

The twins said they decided to share their story to explain why they had started a podcast called I’ve Been Through the Most. They said they wanted to open up on how they lost their parents.

Speaking about their mother’s death, Millicent said she passed away in 1992 when they were four years old.

They said their mother was buried the weekend she was supposed to get married.

“To this day, we don’t know what happened in that house. She was [found] on the floor, no harm, no beating. Postmortem [showed] nothing.”

They said when the incident happened, their mother was with her father-in-law.

“He was outside, and he was a blind man. He said she came out of the house and said there was a strange cloth on the car, and that was the last time he heard her speak,” Innocent said.

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‘He was tortured and electrocuted’ – Cent Twinz on their father’s death

Cent Twinz said their father was always in and out of prison. They described him as a mastermind.

“There was a time when he was in court for a bank robbery. They played the evidence on the camera, but he walked out innocent. He convinced the judge and everybody there that it was not him,” Millicent shared.

Speaking about his death, they said his friends killed him.

“They tortured him, electrocuted him, put him in a black plastic bag, and threw him under the bridge. Luckily someone saw [it] and called the police.”

Innocent said when the police arrived, he was still alive and was rushed to the hospital.

She added: “They heard that he was in hospital, and the same guys went into the hospital to finish him off. They hit him on his head on the hospital bed, and that’s how he died.”

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