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16 Oct 2017
2:48 pm

‘My girlfriend must not see this one,’ says man on Ndlozi’s cover photo

Citizen Reporter

He says he gets sleepless nights when he sees the way his girlfriend looks at the 'people's bae.'

Picture: Instagram/ Destiny Man

EFF national spokesperson who also goes by the nickname ‘people’s bae’ Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has caused a stir on social media and men, mostly, say he must be stopped before he earns himself the ‘home-wrecker’ title.

Ndlozi has been featured in the November issue of Destiny Magazine and the cover photo is nothing short of amazing.

“We’re stuck in a closed economy of low self-esteem,” says the people’s bae on the cover, as if he knew some men would be uncomfortable at the sight of his face.

The first comment on the photo is from a man who says he hopes his girlfriend does not see this cover as it would add to his problems.

“The way she looks Ndlozi it gives me sleepless nights,” said the poor man.

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Many sympathised with the man, saying women could not be trusted around the people’s bae.

These were some of the comments on the cover photo:

“Quintin looking all sorts of bae.”

“Why didn’t they make him smile I love his smile, he has nice dentals lol.”

“I’ll buy it and say its for him so I can read it too.”

“I can’t breathe.”

“Walk on me, I’m your carpet.”

“The people’s bae, slaying and progressive as usual!!!! We are the one we have been waiting for!”

“I wanted to join , because of this guy I won’t. He’s a destruction.”

“Oh my goodness! ..Like I’m getting a copy just for this cover…Dzammit!”

“GOOOSH my man crush all day everyday even my man knows I just can’t help it ey lol.”

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