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24 Oct 2017
10:16 am

‘Pastor’ makes congregants drink beer for ‘deliverance’

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Beer seems to be the new thing in churches now, as this is not the first pastor to use beer for healing purposes.

Picture: Facebook

A photo of a pastor offering beer to a female congregant has emerged on social media, leaving most saying it is the end of the world. The beer, however, is not meant to get them drunk, but for salvation and deliverance.

The pictures show the pastor holding a microphone in one hand, while using the other to feed the congregants beer when they come forward to answer the altar call.

These were some of the comments on Facebook:

“Beer is the healing of the nation.”

“Amen, I’m joining too.”

“Iyoo, people are lost hle. Lord have mercy.”

“Ooh, shebeen and church are now mixed up.”

“They can drink whatever as long as it doesn’t increase bread price.”

“It always has been. You must wait until people get drunk and you’ll hear how they sing gospel songs.”

A video published by tabloid Daily Sun a few weeks back showed a pastor preaching at a tavern while holding a beer.

In the video, Bishop Tsietsi Makiti explains that he founded his new church and its novel approach about three months ago.

In the video, tavern patrons/churchgoers sing the popular ‘O E Batla Kae’ song, whose Sesotho lyrics translate to: “Where do you want it?”

While preaching to the congregants, the bishop explains that he’s planning on going to lots of taverns to present the word of God.

He relays a story about how Jesus apparently came to earth, and upon arrival, noticed that people were bored. So he supposedly told them to bring their traditional beers so he could pray over them.

It’s unclear which part of the scriptures Makiti bases his ministry on.

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WATCH: Pastor preaches in tavern, Bible in one hand, beer in the other

There is also another church with congregants who say beer works when mixed with faith. One of the interviewed congregants says after drinking the beer, he goes into a trance, and after the whole encounter, he comes out feeling better and healed. The beer is said to have the power to chase out demons.

Watch the video below posted on YouTube by Virile Media: