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18 Dec 2021
9:09 am

WATCH: Man arrested after driving municipal vehicle through Durban mall

Citizen Reporter

One person can be heard speculating that the man was driving through the mall because he didn't want to pay for his parking ticket.

A man was caught on camera driving through the Galleria Mall in Durban. Photo: Screengrab/Twitter

A man has been arrested after he was filmed driving an eThekwini municipal vehicle through a Durban mall.

According to reports and eyewitness accounts on social media, the man was allegedly drunk.

The man is also reportedly an employee of the eThekwini Municipality.

In the video, the vehicle is seen driving through the Galleria Mall, with astounded shoppers following it as it makes its way towards one of the mall’s exits.

One person in the video clip can be heard speculating that the man was driving through the mall because he didn’t want to pay for his parking ticket.

In another video, a man says: “He’s lucky he didn’t knock anyone.”

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According to the eThekwini Secure Facebook page, A Timul, the marketing manager at Galleria Mall, said the vehicle was impounded and the municipal worker was arrested in the parking lot as he exited the mall.

The eThekwini Municipality also confirmed that police arrested the driver. “The municipality is conducting an internal investigation. Should the internal investigation reveal possible misconduct, disciplinary steps will ensue,” it said in a statement.

People on social media were just as astonished as the shoppers inside the mall.

“Where was the malls security?” asked Ashraf Hansa.

“This is such a disgrace. What world [do] we live in [that] there is no respect for other people? Do people like this have morals?” asked Dianne Marais Meth.

“Somebody must have dared him,” said Mohamed Peer.

“It’s hard to believe but as a South African I believe everything,” said Sonja Ewels.

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