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2 Jan 2022
5:41 pm

Health MMC under fire for visiting hospitals in ‘designer’ clothing

Citizen Reporter

Ekurhuleni's Health MMC Charlotte Zitha has been criticised for wearing designer clothing during festive season hospital visits.

Ekurhuleni's MMC of Health and Social Development Charlotte Zitha posing next to someone in a Santa costume during a hospital visit to babies born on Christmas Day in 2021 | Picture: Twitter

Ekurhuleni’s MMC of Health and Social Development Charlotte Zitha has come under fire on social media for her love of designer clothing.

On New Year’s Day, Zitha joined her counterparts in health departments across the nation to pay visits to mothers who had just welcomed children on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

The City’s official account documented her visit but it was her choice of clothing that caught people’s eye.

In pictures and videos posted on social media, Zitha can be seen wearing a silk Chanel kaftan with a matching headscarf.

Interestingly enough, she did the same on Christmas Day in yet another “designer” outfit, this time opting for a kaftan covered in the Louis Vuitton logo with a matching mask to boot.

Twitter users immediately began to question whether or not the design houses had even manufactured items like the ones seen on Zitha.

“A walking example of trademark infringement. @CHANEL save our eyes,” tweeted @gav148.

“Next time don’t wear that on onneroek during the people, it should be fine for doing gardening. So embarrassing,” added @MoleraW.

“DA MMC lack sense of occasion. What is she wearing? Chanel never made such a dress. No professionalism at all,” tweeted @KhutsoRapudi to which @kunenephindz replied “Maybe the two CCs are for Charitable Charlotte? This can’t be Chanel.”

Charlotte Zitha was also criticised for wearing such fancy clothing during a hospital visit to people who were either not feeling well or probably had little to no money.

Zitha’s Chanel kaftan design did not come up in any searches, however, items similar to the Louis Vuitton kaftan design turned up on Asian and Middle Eastern websites priced at less than R300.

Who is Charlotte Zitha

Charlotte Zitha is one of two Action SA mayoral committee members as a result of the last local government elections.

She was appointed alongside Victor Letlhogonolo Moseki last December by Ekurhuleni Mayor Tania Campbell.

Compiled by Kaunda Selisho