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17 Sep 2013
1:59 pm

DJ Tira opens court case against Facebook music pirate

Record label bigwig DJ Tira has opened a court case against DJ Maru from Johannesburg, after the latter brazenly posted various links on Facebook for the illegal download of music he has produced.

DJ Tira. Image courtesy of Facebook.com/DJTira

Born Mthokozisi Khathi in Hlabisa, KwaZulu Natal, DJ Tira moved to Durban in 1995, where he later opened Afrotainment Project Management, of which he is the sole owner. Afrotainment Music is a division of this company, and it links to illicit music by artists from this stable that left Tira livid.

DJ Mara over the weekend posted links for the download of various full-length albums and wrote: “Thanx to Sandile Dladla for the following uploads: The latest Big Nuz album, DJ C’ndo’s album, DJ Cleo’s album and Shota’s album.”

But he found himself in hot water when Tira caught wind of his unlawful activity and posted this response: “Hey wena!!!! Why r doin this???? We work hard to produce this music and wena u r giving for free to ppl. Please call me asap, I hv inboxed you my number. Im opening a court case. I have munched your page. You gonna rot in jail. Nx”

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Tira explained: “It hurts when all your hard work goes down the drain. We’ve worked hard to give people the best music. I have to make an example by opening a court case against this guy.”

A clearly spooked DJ Maru also bravely responded, saying: “I have decided to take the page down as it was causing problems. I’m really sorry for what happened. It’s my responsibility to check the page but I got so busy and didn’t know what was going on.”

However, the Deejay Maru’s Lounge Facebook page was still up at the time of writing.

In fact, one cocky fan of the page has actually addressed “dj Tira an Dj Cleo” with this scathing post: “Dear Stupid Dj’s you think you gonna stop piracy u better start 2 have a plan on how to destroy internet well if you don’t it means it will always be there, and don’t complain because you guyz the two of you the music you produce is just sh*t, I am not maru you are not going to threaten me we have shared music of better dj’s than you so pls get a life mother f***ers”.

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